Over the course of my career, I began as a graphic designer and have moved toward management, including Digital Marketing Project Management, Production Coordinating, Live event Marketing services, and Consulting.

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Each project is unique in requirements to be sure the highest quality is achieved. Graphic Design may seem, on the surface, perceptually easy, however, there is an art and science to effecting messaging. My professional background working with a variety of skillful artists have shown me designs that stand out for clients and what can get lost.

Colors, shapes, sizes, stroke weight of lines and fonts, shadows, contours, current trends, distance, space and so on can effect the visual message. Therefore, any design project may require detailed questions about the purpose, how the image speaks, the location and more. This is in order for a designer to truly understand what the intention is, to portray it to the best of their ability.

During my presentations, up to two to three samples may be presented.

Note:  For optimal quality and production, third party services may be used.  I can not guarantee the outcome of any sales or profit.  Marketing is a tool to assist in promoting products. Sales skills are needed to close the sale. I’m available to also guide sales service staff toward this goal.


Display Ads
Book & CD covers
Business Cards
Basic Website Design
Digital Photo Albums
Press Releases
Photo Archiving
Promotional Items
Small Posters
Social Media Ads