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Current City: Metairie/New Orleans, LA
Able to travel to nearby cities




Associate’s Degree – Multi-Media – Metropolitan Community College
Bachelor’s Degree – Mass Media Communication Advertising/Public Relations-Univ of NE

My background includes both Marketing and MultiMedia technical skills working my way from bottom to top,  from front to behind the scenes throughout various departments. This provides you with a talented team member who sees the overall picture.   An employee who understands the flow of channels with a it’s in the can,  with an eye (I) can do attitude.

Multi Mass Media Projects

L.Brewer Media Crew Resume

Media Page

TV:  News and Politics     Reality     Series     Pilots    Travel    Renovation   Live   Crime Shows     Pageants
Film: Documentaries     Feature films     Education
Vido: Weddings     Promo    Online      Social Media
Commercial     News & Politics     Audio Engineering     Board Operator
Photography:    Retail Print     Stock     Portrait     Behind the Scenes     Social Media
Internet/Web:  Design     Video and image placement     Video Social Media Ads
Stage: Seasonal Display     Scenic     Stage hands   Festivals     Concerts     Sports     Conferences

My multi skills give you a diverse perceptive of someone who not only understand technical capabilities but organizational project management. From corporate to small media projects, feel reassured that steps are taken to smooth transitions towards the successful end goal.

Combined with my Digital Marketing experience, I think long term with a promotional public relations journalism mind.

Media Marketing skills

L.Brewer Marketing and Administrative Resume

Media Page

Youtube channel 

SEO     SEM    Brand Management      Social Media Marketing     Video Promotion    Event Promotions     Press Releases     Google Adwords/Adsense     Digital Marketing     Tagging/Closed captioning     Transcription     Script writing      Graphic Design/Web Design     Editing     Copywriting    Tutoring and Training


Acting and Modeling skills

L.Brewer Acting Modeling Resume

Acting Page

I’ve appeared in numerous media projects as either a background extra, print model or voice over actress.  As a model with a marketing  education, I’ve been chosen for corporate events large and small. I’ve appeared at conferences, merchandise booths, and promotional displays and festivals.

Being behind and in front of the camera widens my overall perspective on what is needed to fulfill the final goal. A complete understanding of hierarchy roles, their functions, and capabilities assists in anticipation of the next steps toward success.

Allstate Sugar Bowl     Tucson Meet Yourself     Metro PCS      State Farm     Vinique Liquor     Wine Demonstrations     Tecate Beer     Sprint     Sports and Concert Events Merchandise Booth     Retail clothing modeling     Feature Films     TV Series     Kat Country Festival     Metaphysical Fairs

Catering and Events

L.Brewer Service Industry Resume

I have over ten years of experience working as a Bartender and Waitress.  I’ve also assisted with planning menus, luncheons, conferences and meetings.

Private events    Country clubs   Wedding Receptions    Corporate Holiday Parties     Wine and Food Demos     Bars     Restaurants